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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

A MAN who spent 27 years in prison for standing up against discrimination and came out with a message of forgiveness and an even stronger and more powerful message against discrimination. He is Nelson Mandela.

That 27 years did not break him... No... It made him more focused, more concentrated and more clear about that aim.

That is why he is so important.

There are messages, which are unbreakable. These are ideas based inside people's heart, sent from their Soul.

Discrimination in any forms is WRONG, and segregating people is illegal and it is against HUMANITY and against everything we have ever been fighting for.

Through segregation, people are separated from each other and isolated from Nature. While 'CLIMAT CHANGE' is used as a label, World Corporation destroys local businesses, and local markets and uses even violence to build up a centralized, fully controlled robotic future. It is based on power and greed using the marketing words of 'sustainability, fairness and inclusiveness' while polluting our air with their megamarkets' expansion.

Do not be mistaken, the whole facade propaganda has been created behind a curtain long enough to be sure that they blocked all the escape path and silenced all the ones who sees through it.

But the escape path is still there. There is a hidden door right on the corner if you humble enough to recognize it from all the eye-catching, false mirrors built around it.

That small door is the one which leads you to freedom and it is the one Mandela was speaking about.

You have to show extreme resilience but on the other side you have to be careful to remain soft as well. Your heart needs to be kept open when everything turns wild and ugly around you because this is your only compass to find that door.

Eye for an Eye makes the whole World blind as Gandhi said.

This is a war but that fight is about our true values and therefore it needs to be fought according to these values without violence.

The message Mandela sent is deeper than it seems from the surface. It means that you have to stand in unity with everyone around the Globe and fight for our local, national heritage and markets against the Global Corporation. We need an International Unity for National individualism against the Centralization.

The only Global Warming you should be aware right now is the warming up of the firearms of the World Tyranny. But even if it looks like an unbeatable Giant, there are enormous hopes that our Davids are collecting the stones already to be ready to pick them up and fire it into the weakest point of the power-machine.

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What do you do when you face injustice? Are you standing silently watching like a bystander or trying to help? Do you need to get involved in any situation? Is there any moral obligation to fight for the weaker ones? If it does, does it bind you? How can you process pain of watching others suffering without moving? How can you handle when you feel out of control? What does surrender mean for you?

If you believe that all is well in the Whole, do you fight for anything at all?

What about your own boundaries?

Are you 'in the good state of mind' if you reach mind-peace by giving up on fight or are you only using spirituality as a badge expressing your superiority? If you think you are superior, do you still believe that all is well and all is essential and respected as equally important?

Do you fight if you feel that your own borders are attacked? Do you fight to avoid pain? Do you fight for your life? Do you fight for protection? Does it mean you loose your faith from the idea of 'All is well' if you fight for yourself and take control into your hand?

Do you need to fight for rights and justice if all is well in the Whole Picture?

Does reaching full conscious awareness means that fight cease to exist completely?

Can it be achieved in a mortal body which was given to us as an experiencing tool of pain and pleasure and existing to 'fight' for keeping you alive?

If God is the Creator and 'They' created us on 'Their' face, our greatest achievement is also creation. What you create during your life is your legacy.

If you want to reach Unity, you have to evolve from dualism. But if you support a cause against another, you are participating in dualism.

What if we have dualism and body in the first place to learn about limitations? What if limitation was given to us to form our characters as a tool of reflection.

So if there is any answer of this question fight or not to fight, it could be a confirmative yes to fight but this fight is for/against yourself, to face your own limitation through these appearing barriers without projecting it out to anyone else.

May these barriers guide you back to your real roots and from there to create your own torch to shine.

May these aims be to use that torch holding it high enough for whoever need to find it.

May this aim be the truest purpose of your life, and the highest creation possible.

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I remember quite well that history lesson, when I have learnt about Germany, and about what happened in 1939-1940 and I was in shock. On one night the coin flipped and all of a sudden Jews became the enemy. Nobody knew why but all of them complied. They were unwanted, they were rejected, they were guilty for a sin nobody knew about.

And after came 1948 and far away from Germany, in South-Africa an exact same strange night occurred. The coin flipped as well and all of a sudden all the 'colored' people became enemy.

"For the safety of others" step by step the new system stood up both in Germany and in South-Africa and thousands people were slaughtered because of the simple reason 'they belonged to the rejected group'.

Couple of years later a professor called Milgram set up an experiment in 1963 to test how people follow orders and if they willing to deliver life-threatening electroshock for others just because some kind of higher rank authority told them so. The result surprised him.

And I just saw yesterday how Australia built up the internment camps for the new 'rejected group' of people or how the same groups are getting fired all over the world.

What is their sin exactly? Being healthy? Being pure? Not willing to let their body being poisoned?

Milgram showed that 65% of the population were willing to deliver deadly electroshock just because an authority said so. It was back in 1963.

And today what I see, is people turn against their own kind and they are ready not only to cause them pain but outcast them from the society for the simple reason, the Television told them that those group of people are dangerous for their health.

Or the other part of the mass, who just turn away from the tragedy what is going on right now, and look to the other direction. They have given up their freedom for safety long time back and they are not willing to face any kind of responsibility for their decision.

There are the ones who jump up and ran off as soon as you get near to them, and they act like you have any kind of leprosy, and there is no amount of logic you could reason to them, as their brain is closed by the propaganda and the only guiding force is fear deeply imprinted in their life already.

There are the ones who just 'following orders' and do exactly what it was said to do so, and by doing it, causing enormous consequences.

And there are that few, who stand for thousands in a battle field while even their own people turn against them, sweating to find the right strategy in the biggest chaos. That few are fighting alone against a Giant Liar whom seems to make all the mass blinded. These few are the ones bleeding from several wounds, taking hate and abuse each day and instead of return it to their senders, they concentrate all their energy towards the real enemy.

I wish I could say that it will be a happy ending, and those who hide, who ran, who accuse or abuse will find some clarity and stand up against the real enemy as well, but right now we are in the mid of the night and who knows where the scale will move.

I just wish that somehow, someday the coin will flip again that there will be a day of clarity, where the power of unity will win over the Giant Liar.

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