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I had a lovely conversation recently about the roles of emotions in the mirror of the Kybalion principle: gender.

My question raised: why control and willing your experience is so important. Control came with the idea of conquering and power and as the Kybalion describes it, it gives utmost important to the mind above all.

But does it really superior? And who am I to dare to question this?

But still… is it possible that it appears to be true only because it was loudly preached in the last two thousand years or so? I believe Kybalion is a wonderful collection for all the principles of the mind and all is useful guidance and truth.

However, mind without somatic, body experience is dead, and we see with our own eyes how the control-freak industrial revolution pushes the entire humanity to the verge of collapse.

But where is an end, there is a new beginning.

We have such an opportunity now to close that gap and make the shift back to harmony.

It would be time to reawaken that suppressed feminine essence and start to listen to the wisdom of the body and lift it back to balance. It requires to focus more on experience and the harmonization of them, than grabbing the control button of masculine side so desperately. After all, In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

So what about to lose the will, loosen the control, give up the want for the descension from the mind to the heart?

'Emotions aren't masculine or feminine. They are human. Normalize them.'

The only real healing balm to the gap, which was cut by the Patriarcy can be brought by the repressed true Feminine essence. What the Patriarchy separated by dualism, the Feminine unites by awakening the senses. The forgotten language of the somatic wisdom, the wisdom of the body will be reunited with the mind and will be placed back to the central in the Heart.

We are here, and we are not alone, working to calm the tension, fill the gap and assist the wounded.

We are collecting donations for families in Rafah. In the comment section, there are all the families right now waiting desperately to have a chance to survive.

First is for Banan and his family of 5 with a 1 month old baby. - confirmed source

The second is for Amal a 24 years old lady with her husband and 2 kids in Rafah. - confirmed source

Indoctrination starts early in the childhood. There are covert and also overt methods implemented to every single channel of entertainment and education.

What is happening right now is the result of that decades long method, the textbook-definition of Ge*no*cide in the ugliest form possible, way worse than what the Na*zi regime committed.

If you see it a war, you are part of their indoctrination programme, my friend.

We are raising funds to help those people in Ga7a, whos names and lives are destroyed by these indoctrinations to get out of the insanity. Please click on link or check out the post pinned at the top to find more options in the comment section to donate.

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