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Back to the Druid Roots
Weekend Retreat

Back to the Druid Roots Retreat is a weekend retreat to reawakening senses, providing healing and deeper understanding and rejuvenation.
The retreat is based on a special combination of Jungian Psychology and Spiritual retreat, with a help of Constructive Psychology. Starting from the base of Divine Feminine symbols using Jungian Archetypes through tarot, dream analyzis, and psycho-analyzis, finishing with the tools of Constractive psychology by building in the learning points.

The weekend retreat starts on Friday with a 2 hours intensive afternoon session and it continues on Saturday with two sessions, one at the morning, one at the afternoon (duration 2 hours of each) and gives plenty of time between the sessions for rest, rejuvenate, enjoying the surroundings, and discovering the magical sites around. Depending of the weather, the sky-road also offers magnificent star-gazing experiences after sunset. 

The retreat finishes on Sunday with a 2 hours morning session after breakfast.
The retreat also includes the accommodation and the continental breakfast. 

As the retreat is personalized, it is only for one person at a time. 

Returning to the Ancient Ways

The deepest Feminine Wisdom lies under the runes in the Celtic land, and we could feel Mother Earth vibration in every step we take barefoot on that sacred land. 

While the world is marching into the robotic AI leaded consumerized dimension, we need a safe place where we (Women) can gather and use our own energy to reawaken and empower ourselves by reconnecting to that unspeakable Ancient Wisdom hidden in stones, and trees, the exact same way as it is hidden in symbols and dreams. I wish to provide that safe place.

How to book a weekend retreat?

Step 1)

Please visit the site and search for Treasure Box Retreat in Clifden, Ireland.

The special spiritual retreat is available for booking under the specific date designed for the ones who found out about this course through this page. 

Please book your preferred date, both days of the weekend and note your booking code.

Step 2)

Fill up our registration form below with the booking code you received and there is nothing else to do just to prepare your heart to arrive to a place of  remembrance of something ancient which is, which was always ours. 

Weekends for Booking:

- 27th-29th October 2023

-24th-26th November 2023

-19th-21th January 2024

-23th-25th February 2024

Each retreat is €350 +VAT  and it contains the accommodation in master suit and continental + cold cut breakfast for the two nights. 

Cancellation policy and returning policy as per 

Come to Our Event


Thanks for registering. I am looking forward to meet you.

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